Job Searching – where to find jobs!

Employers use various methods to recruit, such as internet advertising using Hume Joblink, Seek or Indeed. Other ways are through newspaper, recruitment agencies, social media and word of mouth. Using a variety of methods can increase your chances of finding work. Below you will find different ways you can search for jobs.

Common Job Search Websites

Online Job Search Tips:
  • Check that the date is recent, job ads posted 30 days ago are usually already filled
  • Check the location, make sure you are able to get their by public transport or car
  • Read the job description and understand the role of the job, and relate your experience in your application

Hidden Job Market

Most employers prefer to fill positions without advertising as it saves money and time, as a result almost 70% of vacancies are not advertised online, and can be found by asking employers by phone, face to face and emailing companies directly.


Once you know what type of work you are looking for, retail, hospitality, childcare etc. let family and friends know, as they may know someone in their circles who have a vacancy. Networking can lead to information and job opportunities that have not been advertised.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is when you contact a specific business or employer without waiting for a job to be advertised. Cold calling can be a good way to find out about what a business does and needs, and can possibly turn out to get you an interview. It’s recommended to have your resume in front of you when you make phone calls with a pen and note pad to take notes.

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