Start, Now Pre-Accelerator Program

Posted: 13th Nov


Applications close 18 December 2020

Start, Now is delivered in partnership with LaunchVic, with a focus on supporting Startup Entrepreneurs of Hume.

The core mission of Start, Now is to accelerate learners through the process of finding a business idea developing it and scaling the idea into a sustainable model. We have developed a modular program that follows three chapters in a mix of online, face to face events, access to mentors and most importantly and self-paced (real world) action. Participants will be introduced to the Startup mindset and methodologies, taught how to build and test an MVP solution, and then shown how to grow their MVP solution.


A simple 3 chapter program with 12 modules. Self-paced online content, with the option for live videos and masterclasses

Chapter One: Fundamentals

The first chapter aligns purpose with the pathway needed to achieve action on the goals set by each learner. A core element of Chapter one is embedding a strong entrepreneurial mindset as the foundation of the program.

Chapter Two: 99 Problems but purpose ain't one
So, you’ve found a problem to fix? And it aligns with your purpose? Awesome! Now its time to work on the right solution to fix this problem. Welcome to Chapter 2.

Chapter Three: Stop, it's growth time

Now your customers are demanding your product, it’s time to market to a wider audience, all while making sure it adds up financially... Say hello the chapter 3 - growth time.


All good things need more than one person, that’s why we encourage a network to be built around each cohort.


All learners leave with the fundamental skills needed to take action on an idea. And many leave with income-earning businesses. But the most important thing is the ability to think like a startup but act like a business.



15 February 2021 - 16 April 2021

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