Business Masterclass Series

Posted: 24th Jan

Business Masterclass Series

StartNorth is a new coworking space located at Town Hall Broadmeadows, opening in Spring 2019.  Our passion is helping startups and scaleups succeed, so before we even open our doors we're running masterclasses to support startups and small businesses in Melbourne's north.


Creating a Problem Solving Mindset 6 Feb

How can you develop a mindset that sees problems as opportunities? This masterclass will give you the techniques for solving your customer’s problems and turning them into opportunities for your business.

Opportunities for New Markets 6 Mar

Do you have too many ideas for new products and services but don’t know which to invest in? This masterclass will help you to discover quickly which ideas are viable and which are not worth the time or money.

Creating Loyal Customers 3 Apr

Positive ‘word of mouth’ is critical for the success of your business. This masterclass will show you how building a referral based business will bring new and repeat customers at very little cost.

Developing Your Brand 8 May

Brands define who you are and what you and your business stand for. This masterclass will help you to review your brand or identify the strategies you’ll need to develop the brand you want to be, and outline opportunities for brand promotion.

Becoming a Market Leader 17 Jul

Developing a ‘challenger mindset’ is critical if you want to become a market leader. This masterclass will review the elements of a challenger mindset, assess the impact of global challenger brands and give you the tools to reduce risk to your business.

Increasing Revenue Through Innovation 7 Aug

Is your business making as much money as you think it could be? Give your business model a makeover to see how you can extract more revenue from your business.

Finance for Startups and Growth 4 Sept

Understand more about financial statements, cashflow, budgeting and forecasting to set a solid foundation for business growth.

Events will run 9am -12pm at Hume Global Learning Centre - Broadmeadows.

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