Mental Health Practitioner

Craigieburn Secondary College

Craigieburn, VIC

Posted 11/21/2020

About the business

Successful candidate will be located at Craigieburn Secondary College.

About the role

Operating in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training's Area-based multi-disciplinary teams, this role will have the following functions:

  • provide direct counselling support and other early intervention services for individual students and groups identified as at-risk and/or experiencing or demonstrating mild to moderate mental health needs;
  • coordinate supports for students with critical needs both within and external to the school, including proactively working with regions and other health professionals to engage further support as required; and
  • enhance promotion and prevention activities in the school by contributing to whole school health and wellbeing plans, building the capability of teaching staff and school leadership to manage student health and wellbeing, and helping to embed mental health promotion and prevention programs and strategies in the school.

Education Support Class Level 1 Range 4

The successful applicant will be an experienced professional who will carry out their duties and responsibilities, relative to their professional discipline, with a high level of autonomy and with minimal reliance on professional supervision. The successful applicant will be responsible for the development and implementation of professional support programs within an educational environment, including guidance to other professional staff.

As an education support class position, this role supports the educational services being provided to students, but will not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic).

Benefits and perks

Applications should be made through the Recruitment Online Website on

Job ID: 1208708

Application must include:

  • a specific response to all of the key selection criteria and position details.
  • a CV with a summary of experience and qualifications
  • the names and contact details (including email) of up to three referees who can provide information regarding the applicant in relation to the key selection criteria

Closing Date for Applications is 03 December.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated experience in assessing, conceptualising and analysing wellbeing issues, and providing evidence-based direct counselling for a range of mental health issues.
  • Demonstrated experience in planning and implementing evidence-based intervention strategies for clients with complex needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to input into the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and strategies relating to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Highly developed communication, networking and interpersonal skills including the ability to liaise effectively with a wide range of people.
  • Ability to provide leadership and professional learning that informs and influences the work of others involved in the engagement and wellbeing of children and young people.
  • Clear understanding of legislative requirements regarding privacy of health information.

Skills and experience


  1. Deliver professional support service/s in a school/s, including the direct counselling for students with a range of mental health issues, applying sound theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.
  2. Plan and implement evidence-based intervention strategies for students with complex needs including collaborating with families, other professionals and agencies when appropriate, and manage the associated risks.
  3. Work collaboratively with the school to contribute to policies and operational practices that will guide the work of others, including other school wellbeing staff and teachers.
  4. Provide leadership and professional learning to others, such as teachers and other school wellbeing staff, to build the capacity of schools to improve students' learning and developmental outcomes.
  5. Liaise with other Department areas (including secondary school nurses and Student Support Services staff) and external service providers where necessary to provide support to students.
  6. Maintain professional competence and continued professional learning, including attending professional development activities throughout the year.
  7. Meet relevant policies and legislative requirements in relation to student health information privacy.


Applicants must:

  • hold a Bachelor qualification or specialist/post graduate qualification where applicable in:
    • Social Work
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Nursing with a mental health specialisation
    • Psychology.
  • have demonstrated direct counselling experience.
  • have a current Working With Children Check.
  • For Mental Health Nurse, Psychologist and Occupational Therapists, applicants must hold full registration with the requisite professional body.

For Social Workers, applicants must be eligible for membership with the Australian Association of Social Workers.


  • For Social Work applicants, hold membership with the Australian Association of Social Workers and an Accredited Social Worker Trade Mark.
  • For Mental Health Nurse applicants, hold a Mental Health Nurse Credential and membership with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
  • For Occupational Therapist applicants, hold a Better Access to Mental Health endorsement.
  • For Psychology applicants, specialisation in education and/or developmental psychology

The application form will include these questions:

  • Which of the following statements best describes your right to work in Australia?
  • Do you have a current Working With Children (WWC) Check?

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