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Sunbury, VIC

Posted 9/10/2019

Location Profile

Sunbury College is a vibrant, cohesive and inclusive school located 35km (about 30 minutes? drive) from the CBD in Melbourne?s north-west growth corridor. The College holds the values of respect, responsibility, resilience and endeavour as guiding principles. It has a focus on the academic growth, personal development and general wellbeing of each student. It is greatly valued by its local community of Sunbury and surrounds, and is experiencing growing enrolments.

The student enrolment is currently 1060 and growing. The staff are in the main a mixture of mature, experienced teachers in the expert range along with a number of graduates providing the school with an energetic mix. Our staff are committed, professional and collaborative. They value continuous improvement and development.

A comprehensive curriculum is offered from years 7-12, including VET options, and the college is organised around two sub-schools (middle years 7-9, and senior 10-12) and four houses. The college has well established co-curricular programs with high interest and success in sport, the performing arts, student leadership and student engagement activities.


This position is for a House Leader, to take a significant role in the management and engagement of students in one of the college's four Houses. Consequently, it brings with it a significant time release and an additional special payment of $6,000 per annum. The college has a strong and dynamic House system and a student connect program runs through that system.

Sunbury College is set on eight hectares and has well-established facilities, which are in the process of being modernised. Our new classrooms and science building will be completed by the end of this year.

The college's new strategic plan has started this year. Our strategic directions going forward will have a strong emphasis on pedagogical development and on student agency and voice in their learning. In the area of student pathways and transition the college aims to provide a post compulsory program, counselling and advice that maximises the further education, training and employment options for all students. As part of its focus on student engagement and wellbeing, the college has undertaken to provide a supportive and productive learning environment supported by positive student and teacher relationships that promotes overall well-being and engaged, motivated learners with a strong sense of connection to the school community.

Selection Criteria

SC1 Demonstrated understanding of initiatives in student learning including the Standards, the Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 and Assessment and Reporting Advice and the capacity to implement and evaluate learning and teaching programs in accordance with the Victorian curriculum.

SC2 Demonstrated high level classroom teaching skills and the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.

SC3 Demonstrated ability to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning.

SC4 Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills and high level interpersonal skills including the capacity to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with parents, other employees and the broader school community to focus on student learning, wellbeing and engagement.

SC5 Demonstrated behaviours and attitudes consistent with Department values, including a commitment and capacity to actively contribute to and manage major curriculum or student activities and a commitment to continually improving teaching quality and capacity through the application of knowledge, skills and expertise derived from ongoing professional development and learning.

SC6 Demonstrated capacity in student management, engagement and/or wellbeing.


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